Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Bob Moore’s F-18 Turbine Jet (must see!)

7 Responses to “Bob Moore’s F-18 Turbine Jet (must see!)”

  1. John says:

    Nice Jet Bob! I like the narration plus the smoke is awesome! Hope you get a buyer for that bad boy.

  2. John says:

    No Wind, Hot Day = Drop like a rock. lol

  3. Tim Elery says:

    Bob, you can pick up a flag display from hobby lobby or michaels for around 25 bucks.

  4. Michael Rau says:

    Great video, nice to see the F18 came out with out a scratch. How much would an RC jet like that go for and where or how would I go about learning to fly one?
    Have a great day and look forward to your video’s and your upcoming DVD’s

  5. j,stevens says:

    haha nice plane good song too, I did a f-22 late last year took about 6 months for a friend it was a good project wasn’t too hard really i`ve always liked the f-18 though more of a traditional plane too look at.

  6. Gandalf says:

    Is the F-18 for sale? I would like to have Col. Hobson, USMC rate and fly the F-18. I would like to make a video with him, he is an in-law. He was an F-18 solo, Blue Angel a few years back. Currently, he has the most traps, both Marine and Navy. He almost has a god status when it comes to flying. If you can believe it, his call sign is “Hamster”. He is one of USA’s hero’s.

  7. joel says:

    muy bueno

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