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Best In the West Jet Rally 2011| Going to Cali

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6 Responses to “Best In the West Jet Rally 2011| Going to Cali”

  1. Ron Dunaway says:

    Well Bob, Welcome to California. I really would like to have gone. Unfortunately I have already made plans for a hunting and fishing trip for the four days of that weekend. It’s about a 2 1/2-3 hour drive from my house and I’m going the opposite way about 4 hours. Yes, California’s a big state. I know you’ll be welcomed by all the Home-Grown Cali Bob-0 fans that will be there. Have a great trip and enjoy the great California sunshine. It’s usually warm in Bakersfield, so be prepared.


  2. Gary Baugh says:

    Travelin’ Bob, I look forward to the California adventure which you will be sharing with Bob-O fans worldwide. I know this saga will be superlative in all respects and well worth the brief interruption of building activities. It’s too bad the slightly damaged “Thud” won’t be accompanying you, but the Tom-cat will more than make up for it. The “heavyweight” clinics will be an incalculable bonus.

  3. joe C says:

    Yes make sure you video the clinics!

  4. Gary Baugh says:

    Stay-tuned fans, the Bob-O Squadron should be rollin’ in soon, if not already. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the West Coast jet-jockeys do their thing!

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