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Best In the West Jet Rally 2011 #15 | F-14 Tomcat Maiden! [HD]

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2 Responses to “Best In the West Jet Rally 2011 #15 | F-14 Tomcat Maiden! [HD]”

  1. jerry says:

    Bob, congrats on the maiden she really looks great in the air. One question, was there any landing gear issues?? The only reason I ask is the gear were never retracted during the whole flight. You mentioned it was tail heavy, how far off was the cg??

  2. Brad says:

    Bob, just watched your F-14, it’s a very nice flying aircraft, congrats on the maiden but… The landing as you have stated was a little slow, I also noticed the flaps and speed brakes weren’t used on landing. The full scale F-14 is a turkey while on final aproach and if the plane gets to slow, you saw the results and yes it could have been worse. Just my two cents, maintain a little power on final and use the flaps and speed brakes and she will come in nice and smooth for a greased landing.

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