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B1 Model Project | Looking Back – Breckenridge Jet Fly-in

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B1 Bomber RC Jet Project / Breckenridge Jet Weekend Oct 22nd – 25th, 2009.  I drove up to see this project which Hornitpilot had on display.  The plane is even more impressive in person.  I have been following the project since about video 50 so it was nice to meet the guys in person and talk about the plane.  Every pilot there had a great looking jet.  Dyess AFB even sent a team out to document the Fun Fly as well.

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  1. CarlB says:

    Bob, I love the B-1, it’s kind of like my bedtime story every night. I noticed in the video an F-8 Crusader, tell me that thing flies. Awesome.

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