Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

B1 Model Project | Cleaning up Oil Soaked Wood


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5 Responses to “B1 Model Project | Cleaning up Oil Soaked Wood”

  1. Sterling says:

    Bob, Bob, Bob……What the heck is a “Tundoor”? As an expierienced jet jock you should know the Canadair CT 114 Tudor when you see it!! lol! I guess you haven’t seen the Snowbirds perform, they do one of the most graceful 9 ship routines in the world. The 114 isn’t exactly a hair on fire F-16 or 18, so the performance is a real exhibition of enertia. No afterburner and a pretty small furnace keeps the speeds low but it is a real joy to watch and makes me proud to be Canadian. Bombers looking good, when do we get the gear demo? Take care and happy building.


    P.S. the t-shirt fits perfect!!

  2. Manny Monroy says:

    Hi Bob you are inspiring man!! you put that t-45 together quick, made the amperage change, flew it all by your self and even video taped it for us all to see it fly. The only thing you left out was to catch it from the air when you landed it!! you are on e gung ho rc man. Thanks so much for sharing all you have on youtube and your website too. Keep up the outstanding work and keep on truckin :).

  3. Richard says:

    Sterling………..WTF is a Tudor? LOL. it should be read as “Tutor”, with a “T”…………as in tutoring/instructing pilots to fly. perfectly named really, since it’s a trainer plane for the Canadian forces. kinda glad the CAF are slowly converting to Hawk’s, just wonder how long it’ll take the Canadian government to allow the Snowbirds to convert from the Tutor to the Hawk.

  4. Jim says:

    Hey Bob,

    What going on with the B1??

  5. Sergio (Portugal) says:

    Hi Bob. What’s the deal with the bomber? Did you quit finishing it? Eager to see it flying!!!

    Best Regards

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