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B1 Bomber Update and Mini Jet Build – Tornado

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8 Responses to “B1 Bomber Update and Mini Jet Build – Tornado”

  1. Oh yea Bob. I can easly relate to where your comming from on the B-1. I have never scratch built a plane yet that I havent said to my self……..Man, if I built another one I would build this thing diferently. The gears are always turning. Carry on brother, your doing just fine.

  2. Richard says:

    I can’t believe this has gone so far, I am not calling this a scam. My apologies to Bob and all the Bob-o-philes. I did not mean any ill will toward anybody. And yes Bob, we are friends (I think). Don’t take my comments personally, just venting frustrations.

  3. Brent says:

    Hello Professor Bob. I am behind you 100%. Keep up the good work. 250 to 300 wouldn’t be any fun. This is what research and development is all about. Very few projects are flight worthy after the first mock up. A lighter plane will fly better and be much safer. You have made a good decision and I have been thinking the same thing since watching the wing spars get milled months ago. Every lb saved will reduce stress. Keep up the good work and thank you for the update.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Bob
    as someone who has contributed I do not feel cheated in any way. Your vids are eductational and entertaining. Your reasoning behind building another plane is 100%. I would do the same thing.
    I hope you get a taker for your prototype.


  5. Ron Dunaway says:

    Couple things,

    Are we done with the drama on the B1? My Personal experience with the B1 and 105 was to learn how to create a mold and lay up glassed parts. I’ve watched a lot of other videos on Poo-tube. Watching Bob’s vid’s kept me interested since it was a subject I’ve always been interested in anyways. Since watching Bob’s vid’s I’ve created many parts for my SUV, Saturn and a Canoe (Priorities right?). I sold the Canoe to someone who saw me pulling it out of the lake once. The guy gave me cash on the spot for it. I’ve started to building another one with more features and a little different. As I said, when I was building the first one “If I ever do this again, I’ll…”. And as Bob has always said, “We learn as we go…”.

    So the little bit of donations I made, more then made up for itself in the learning of manufacturing my own parts. I would like to build a plane, but the expense isn’t in my budget as of yet. Again, Priorities! Hell, I could have bought the friggin’ canoe for about what it cost me to build, maybe even less, but I wouldn’t have bought it the way I wanted it laid out or setup.

    So with that said… And the drama over… I’m looking forward to the new B1 build. Oh yeah! and my 105 T-Shirt. You know, my wife still gives me grief when ever she wears my 105 shirt.

    Thanks Bob for the lessons on How-to…

  6. Mike says:

    Hi Bob, didn’t worry about the next prototype it’s just more for us to watch. With that said to lighten the load on your next prototype look into using the Cunard to help load the nose. The original uses the Cunard to push the nose down when climbing because like yours the cg is a little too far the rear of the plane. It is designed this way to make it easier to climb. Trying to raise a nose heavy plane is harder then a light one, the Cunard just keeps it from going to far. Don’t now if it’s possible in this scaled down version but if you can make it work it be fun for us to watch. Later, keep up the good work.

  7. Ben says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it! Being a fellow RC pilot from Wichita your name is well known in the RC community. I never thought I would see this day. Building and flying for the past 22 years I completly understand it, but do not want to believe it. I had a chance to listen in and chat a little with you at a local hobby store once, and have followed your work since. The part I hate is the 3 main hobby shops in town I frequent have all said the same thing “He will never fly that thing” or “it will never fly, its way to heavy” I always argued the point, I have always had faith it would. I just wanted to see you finish and fly it so these “Owners” who are more than smiles selling you things talk sh*% when you leave. So I will fallow the new one with the same faith in your skills. Good luck, you are one of the true Pros in this hobby. Ben

  8. Flexserve says:

    Why not down scale the B-1 and switch to EDFs and foam? It’s light, cheap and can be a great experimental platform for a larger more ambitious model.

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