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B1 Bomber is for Sale! – On RC Universe

Yep, you seen right. Bob is selling the original 1/8 Scale B1 Bomber on RCUniverse.  This doesnt mean the end of the Bomber build, just that there will be two of them in the world.  The sale will pave way for the new and improved version for our winter time viewing pleasure.   Payment may be in the form of a 20 ft trailer and cash.

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17 Responses to “B1 Bomber is for Sale! – On RC Universe”

  1. Richard Bean says:

    Hey Bob,
    I gotta admit, I am stunned and unhappy to see the bomber for sale. I personally have sent you donations to see this project through aand now I wonder. We keep hearing all this other stuff is to help with paying for the bomber, but we need to see something! How about giving us a ballpark on the costs and see if donations can get this project going again.

  2. John says:

    When a project is this big, I dont think anyone knows how much time and cost it will take to finish. Bob would never give up. If you read or listened to all his videos, Bob wants to make a brand new one which will be lighter and can take two turbines and less fuel. Some people would probably take years to get to the stage of just the molds with no bird. Those molds are worth as much as some houses. All the donations taken were poured into this project. Look at Lance campbell with that SR71 at Kentucky Jets, that was a nine year project with two prototypes built before his current one. Bob has built the Bomber in less then 2! If money was no object, then you would see a fleet of these. I think many people should just sit back and watch because not too many people if any would attempt a project like this, especially being a one man show.

  3. Wyoflyer1 says:

    Makes good business sence,hope it works out for you and us. Keep up the faith and good works…how about contacting some flight museums? Rapid City,SD has one on base,where as you know, B-1s hang out.

  4. John says:

    Problem Bob is finding is that Museums are not willing to pay if any for stuff like this. They usually take it off your hands. Im sure the donators get a tax deduction but may not be as much.

  5. Gary Baugh says:

    Bob, I applaud your efforts to further the B1 project by sacrificing the original prototype. This is dedication of the highest degree. So much time, skill, effort and love have gone into this build that no one can fault you or feel like they haven’t gotten their money’s worth. Who can put a price on two-plus years of creation and development? No one wants to see this project end, but, let’s face it, the development of any aircraft is a very expensive project and without funds is a dead-end street. I hope that this new plan works and a buyer steps up to allow continuation of this historic endeavor. Personally, I will pledge $50 to have my name placed somewhere in the airframe of B1#2.

  6. Richard says:

    I have sat and watched each and every one of Bob’s videos. I am not condemning the man, I just want to see the B1 started again. I have sent Bob a good amount of money and don’t expect my name in the B1#2, just some good ole “Feel-o-vision” on the bomber.

  7. jerry says:

    Bob, I feel bad for you concerning the gent who made comments as to the disposition of contributions to finance the project. Anyone knows whe you do something this massive, it is done in stages and then you learn as you progress. The methods for developing molds and structures has been perfected to the point that when you cquire

  8. Dave Johnson says:

    If you let us know how much you have contributed, I’m quite sure many of us who have a better understanding of the process and know Bob would be glad to reimburse you. Perhaps this would relieve your misgivings and you would then be free to follow another project.

  9. Gary Baugh says:

    Richard, I place no restrictions or obligations upon Bob with my donations, I just feel that many of you out there would make similar pledges to be included in such an awesome endeavor.

  10. Richard Bean says:

    Everybody, chill out.Way blown out of proportion. Bobs definitely the man, no need to to make me the “villan” here. I have placed no obligations or restrictions anywhere, I have also tried to get others to send more( with myself starting the donation, just check comments from other videos) so that we can get the B1 going. So, in closing, get off my back for saying my peace.

  11. Richard Bean says:

    By the way, Dave – don’t speak for Bob or myself. No one asked for $$ reimbursment and if any (Gary, Dave, Jerry) of you read my first comments, I was trying to get a feel to see if all of “Bob Land” could send more money, again including myself.

  12. jerry says:

    no matter the price the posts on this web site for the skills and pointers are well worth it. keep on going bob, i love learning everything you have to show us, who are too lazy to even show some ambition. thank you , and you too dad.

  13. Brent says:

    Hello Professor Bob. I haven’t commented in a while. I do still watch every day that there is a new vidio. I have seen every video from the very begining. The amount that I have learned in building skill alone is huge to me. Your new techniques in parts lay up is much lighter than when the bomber parts were made. The original B1 that is for sale would probably fly, but the heavy weight might decrease the chances of getting all the turbines, radio geer and hardware back for more research and development. I see this as a very positive step in the right direction for a successful outcome of the bomber project. I’m sure not wanting to see a B1 crash like that beutifull B52 model on Utube that was lost in an intense fuel fire. Don’t get me wrong,I’m upset it can’t go faster, but slow and steady with a successful outcome that doesn’t put Professor Bob in the poor house works for me. All of the other projects are educational and I know that Bob wants to finish a flying B1, so I cant wait to see where it goes from here. Keep up the good work and thanks for the education (what college teaches R/C jets 10 minutes at a time for free). Professor Bob, you are the man and I appreciate what you do.

  14. Bo says:

    For me my small donation has payed back in all the generous advices that Bob gives in all his videos. I have no problem at all Bob selling the present B1 and start on a new improved B1. Probably more interesting videos for us to watch and learned from during winter… :) Not bad at all. Good luck building the new B1.

  15. Dave Ricter says:

    The project has become a BIG BUST! Project was too BIG and costly! Sorry!!! I just can’t watch something that goes around in circles

  16. B1Bomber says:

    The Government has done this with the defense contractors many times in the past. Just ask Butch! Anyways, Bob is entertaining us be building different projects etc. If a brief case full of cash shows up one day, then this bomber would be in full build mode. Also the bomber is in ARF stage, you just add turbines and radio gear and its ready for flight. How many people can say that.

  17. Joe says:

    Maybe a dumb idea, but if you are going to fill the nose with lead is there not room for fuel tanks there instead? Would reduce weight behind the CG and increase weight in front. I know it’s a dumb idea but what the heck.

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