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B1 Bomber | Frontiers of Flight Museum Dallas

The B1 is on display at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Tx. It will be present from Sept 22 to Sept 26.  Come take a look and also help out the project by donating to the B1 Model Project.

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12 Responses to “B1 Bomber | Frontiers of Flight Museum Dallas”

  1. Odee Daigle says:


    I have been following your B1 project since October 2009. I seen the video Butch Sickels posted about the B1 being at Love Field Flight Museum which allowed me to finally see it in person. What a thrill for me and my wife! Butch was there and he noted I was wearing my blue “I Donated to the B1 Project” Tee-shirt. We talk for a while. What a really nice guy. We would should like be there for the maiden flight of the B1 and meet you in person and you famous pointing finger. We’ll be doing the one hand clamping too.

    The only down side was the banner next to the B1 which listed the donors. You spelled my first and last name wrong…….Opee Paigle!

    Odee Daigle

    P.S. I’ll try to post a few pictures on our site.

  2. B1Bomber says:

    Sorry to hear there Odee. This banner is missing alot more names so this one is not the final banner.

  3. matt says:

    you know i have to say when this b-1 started well lets just say i did not think it would come this far! you have done shot that out of the water and then some! you have come so far with it in fact that im proud of you to have such an impact on the R/C world and making me want to procide with some of the stuff i have laying around.. all i have to say is you have done a great job so far and i can not stop looking for new vids that come out.

    thanks matt

  4. JJ says:

    I must have missed something, but what is the status of the RC B1 Bomber project? I was gone for a few weeks and it seems to have disappeared.

  5. B1Bomber says:

    The bomber is on the back burner until the the F-105 is finished. Just keep posted and watch the videos, Bob will keep you posted.

  6. B767 pilot says:

    Bring back the Bomber!!!!!!

  7. B1Bomber says:

    Scheduled to finish it right after F-105 is done. Another month or two, then Bomber building action! Its all about the $$

  8. bmbmbeeno says:

    As a former B-1B AF type assigned to Dyess 1985, I am impressed with your engineering. I am waiting for the 1st flight of this beast! I have done R/C before AF with ducted fan F-16 Byron type. I am curious to see the final assy of the B-1 works out….. Staying Tuned!!!!

  9. bmbmbeeno says:

    The Thud was an OK Acft, why the emphasis on it over the Bone?

  10. bmbmbeeno says:

    Poppycock!!! The beast could be finished with the resources used on Thud! Technical SNAFU?? Maybe your audience can help!

  11. B1Bomber says:

    @Bmbmbeeno, because Paul and Butch wanted one. This project and future sales will finance the rest of the B1 Build.

  12. Man I like dallas tx . I do not know what exactly it is about that place but its great.

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