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B-58 Model Flying in Austin Texas

6 Responses to “B-58 Model Flying in Austin Texas”

  1. Ed Doherty says:

    I was stationed at Bunker Hill AFB (renamed Grissom AFB in 1967), one of only two AFBs that had the B-58, from 1965 to 1969. The B-58 was one of the greatest airplanes in the USAF inventory.

  2. Howard Bialas says:

    Thanks for all the effort and dedication. Truly a labor of love.

    B-58 Test Force, 1958=60, DSO 43BW, 1960-65.

  3. Robert H. Spielman says:

    I was stationed at Bunker Hill AFB from (ne,Grissom AFB), June 6th 1959 to Mar 1964. Good times were had by all!!!:)
    The takeoff was very realistic……. especially the little “bobble” as the “Three Bent Bicycle” tried to get it altogether and get on the way! Beautifully done!!!!!

  4. Vic Mayer says:

    DSO at Grissom AFB . First flight April 1965, Flew Mach 1.92 in a TB-58 down Lake Michigan. Soloed In a B-58 North of Danville , Il at a speed of 1.04 Mach just before it crashed-so much for a DSO landing! It was my only attempt.

  5. Tom Thompson says:

    I was with the 45th MMS who had the only split capability of the TCPod and the MB-1 pod from May 61 through Nov 64. Loved the bird and our job. Many kudos to those who flew the bird and all the support crews. Tom

  6. Don Campbell says:

    I was at Bunker Hill from Mar 59 til Oct 64 as B-47 assistant crew chief & B-58 Crew Chief on 059 & 075. Great memories of an aircraft that few had the opportunity to work on.

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