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Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #38 | Start Up and Taxi Test

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One Response to “Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #38 | Start Up and Taxi Test”

  1. Gary Baugh says:

    O.K. Bob-O, now for a few questions:
    1.) Is a full-tank ground burn necessary to establish a time-frame for prudent flight-time aloft or is fuel-flow rate relible enough to estimate these parameters?

    2.) Will an extended ground-roll with drogue-chute deployed cause the chute’s tether to burn up? I seem to recall that a throttle-blip will release the chute.

    3.) We all know that John Balcom will be watching the upcoming jet event. Will there be a memorial? Will John’s name be on the side of the Cougar?

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