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Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #130 | Almost Finished


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6 Responses to “Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #130 | Almost Finished”

  1. Jerry Pate says:

    What’s up Bob? Not a single word, picture or video about Jets over KY, or how the Thud ended up.

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    IT FLYS! Youtube Jets over Kentucky, July 8, #2 @3:22. The Smoke smoked. The gear worked (up and down. I did not see the drogue chute deploy on the landing (no Gongs, though). The Bob-o-blasters were not mounted on this flight. The video was only showing take-offs and landings, so I cannot comment on airspeed, maneuverability, etc.

  3. Gary Baugh says:

    The video on July 7th, #4 opens with what looks like the Thud doing a giant loop with smoke on and makes a second pass with a 4-point roll. The Speed is good, the control looks excellent. Later in that same video a Eurosport or Mirage does some excellent flying including a cobra maneuver, some flat-spins and some very impressive flying. I don’t know who was on the sticks, but he/she did a masterful job.

  4. Jerry Pate says:

    No, that is an F-16.

  5. Gary Baugh says:

    You are correct, Jerry, my enthusiasm outstripped reality. According to a viewer at the event, gear problems persisted and the Thud was relegated to the trailer. That same viewer also ststed that Bob-O had truck problems enroute. No excuses, my bad.

  6. Jerry Pate says:

    Arghhh – that’s bad news. I was hoping to see it fly.

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