Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!


Builder Bob Moore sitting in actual B1 Bomber Cockpit

The 1/8th scale B1 Bomber was originally started back in 2002 by Butch Sickels.  It made its first debute on RC Universe back in 2006.  Around late 2008, Bob Moore and his dad Bob Sr. were in the making of a similar project being  1/12 scale in size, making its debute on forming what is now called “The B1 Model Project“.  But when Butch and Bob met, the project turned into what is now being a 1/8th scale B1 Bomber. 

Through this series of videos, Bob will be explaining and demonstrating what it takes on how to scratch build a one of a kind 1/8th Scale B1 Bomber RC Jet.  When completed this jet will measure an incredible 18 feet long with a wingspan of 19 feet.  In each video, Bob will share his tips, tricks, and talk about his great stories through each part of the build.  Joining him from time to time will be his dad (Bob Sr), and Butch Sickels.  And dont forget the random game shows!  Enjoy the adventure!

If you would like to help out and donate for a T-shirt, please visit the Donation page to become part of an amazing project.

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